Friday, May 3, 2013


God has been speaking to me a lot lately.  Not directly speaking to me like - in a low, rumbly voice - "Savannah, this is God," but speaking to me through people and things around me.

First was at church in the meet and greet with our Children's coordinators.  It was just a simple meeting to get to know all the ladies who take care and teach our little ones every Sunday.  They gave us a taste of what the kids' Sunday lessons look like.  We watched a video on Job, and the whole time, I'm thinking, "Oh my goodness, I feel like Job!"  Watching and listening intently to the adorable video of children portraying Job and the other characters, I was reminded of Job's perseverance and God's faithfulness.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Be-u-full Days

Lately, we've been having pleasant weather, so Sym has been waking up every morning saying, "Mommy, it's a be-u-full day!" as she looks out the windows.

But today was no such day.  We woke up this morning to a gloomy, wet, and yucky day.  We spent the morning getting ready for church:  showers, getting dressed, brunch, loading all of our church's equipment into our church trailer from our basement.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Year 2013

I said that 2013 was going to be my year.  It has started off with lots of great events:

  • Alliance Community Church officially opened!
  • I chopped off all my hair and loved it.
  • My husband bought me a new mountain bike, and I actually survived an intermediate trail!
  • The hubby and I enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing weekend in one of my new favorite cities - Charleston, SC.
  • We enjoyed a memorable, long weekend in Pensacola, FL with family and friends.
  • I completed the Dirty Girl Mud Run with a group of awesome, tough ladies.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My first post in 2013 - better late then never!

Oh.  Well, hello there.  :)

I was talking to a friend about my blog this past weekend and felt inspired to come back on and just write as much as I can.  I just finished reading some old entries and they gave me a big smile on my face:  remembering God's faithfulness to us; recalling every emotion I was feeling with each post; and seeing how much my kids have grown since I first started this blog!

Life has been busy for us.  Our church plant launched at the beginning of this year, and God has been faithful in leading us and growing us as the Body of Christ.

Nathaniel is preparing for the CRCT's next week.  He did great on his report card and his teacher expressed how proud she is of all his hard work this past nine weeks - as are we!

Symphony is definitely growing in every aspect.  She is extremely smart.  She is maturing.  She actually allowed me to sleep in til 10 am this morning while she played quietly and entertained herself.  That has never happened before!

God has been teaching KB and I a lot about being good stewards of our finances.  He revealed something to my husband, and we are running with it!  A five year plan that will hopefully put us in a position that will give us more financial freedom and not be so tied down to our debts.  Which leads me to an announcement which changes a lot of things on this blog:

One of the biggest changes has probably been the fact that I am no longer a full time SAHM.  I've started working again!  Part time only, but still working.  Details on this will have to be in another post, though.  I work three evenings a week, but am still home with my kiddos during the days and with my family on the weekends. 

Speaking of work, I'm scheduled to go in tonight, so it's about time for me to start dinner, clean up a little, and get ready to go in later.  Kudos to all you working moms who make it work and do so with so much grace! 

Have a great Tuesday!

My first day of training for work!
The best group of little people at Alliance Community Church.
My kiddos enjoying a gorgeous Spring day.  Ready for some warm weather!