Friday, April 20, 2012

Intent at Being Intentional

KB and I have talked numerous times about being more intentional with the important things in our lives - like spending more time in the Word, more quality time with each other, quality and one-on-one time with our kids, being in community with others, exercising and eating right, etc.

When we focus our attention on making sure the important things are done and done well, it just makes life flow more smoothly.  Our days are more productive, and we end up having more time to do other things.

Imagine you have a jar, fist sized rocks, pebbles, sand, and water.  If you fill the jar with the fist sized rocks, it would seem to be full, but you could probably add the pebbles, sand, and water to fill up the cracks and space in between the big rocks before the jar reaches its capacity.

When you prioritize and deal with the "big rocks" in your life first, you have more time to fill in the cracks throughout your day with "pebbles" and "sand." 

Before prioritizing and being intentional, it seemed like our days just flew by and we never had time to do anything.  At the end of the day, we would try to squeeze our "big rocks" in, but we never fit as many as we would have liked to.  We ended up giving God, each other, and our kids whatever was leftover from a busy day dealing with things that just weren't that important in the grander scheme.

We still need to be reminded, quite often, about being intentional, but we can attest that life is much smoother and more enjoyable when we are.

What are some of your "big rocks" and how do you remain intentional about prioritizing those in your life?


  1. i think it's so easy to get caught up with life. from work to home, sometimes relationship get hurt in the process. will and i have made the decision to set aside one day each week to spend time together as a family. that means, no gadgets, no tv, no work. this is a time for us to talk, encourage each other and spend time in the Word.

    1. That's great, Amy! I encourage every one to do the same. Even when we're eating dinner, it's so easy to grab our phones and go online b/c it has become second nature to us. But we have to be intentional about putting everything away and focusing on each other. Praying that God will bless your times together as a family! :)