Thursday, April 12, 2012

Home Alone Scare in Springtime

The weather yesterday was absolutely gorgeous! A little chillier, but refreshing after a few warm days. Little did I know that the temps would drop down to below freezing come night time! Brr!

After dinner, we decided to spend some time outside in our newly cleaned garage - thanks to my hard working hubby.

Yes, we are a Patriots house. He originally wanted to put all of this paraphernalia in our guest bedroom, but I didn't think ALL of our guests would appreciate an all-out Patriots room like he would, so we decided to deck out his garage instead.

Sym's new "thing" is cars. She loves playing with Thaniel's cars and Transformers toys; she loves the shopping carts with steering wheels at Publix and Home Depot; and she absolutely is obsessed with his Mustang Power Wheels car. She can't quite reach the pedal yet, so Big Brother has to drive her around everywhere. The only thing is, Big Brother is much too big for that little car now, so he has to put his right foot in the passenger side, straddle the gear stick, and drive with his left foot. He has become quite the driver left-footed! Poor boy...he is her very own personal driver. She sits in the passenger seat just chillin while he drives around in circles with a blank stare on his face. It's not his ideal way of spending an evening outside. He is such a sweet boy to entertain her for a little while, though.

So we're sitting around, enjoying the weather, browsing through Facebook on our phones, and it seems like everyone AND their cousin has posted up pictures of dinner on their grill. KB and I have been talking about getting a grill for a while now, so with inspiration from the gorgeous weather and our Facebook friends, we decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Home Depot to pick up a new grill.

This next part of the story is kind of mean, but really funny! We are a family who can appreciate a good practical joke. We love scaring each other and playing jokes on each other. Our son is very much a homebody and hates going anywhere if he doesn't get a toy out of the trip. Every time I'm getting ready to go out, he always asks the same questions: "Where are you going?" "Is daddy going, too?" If daddy isn't going, you can bet who else won't be going either. He sees me getting Sym's stuff ready and asks where we're going. I tell him we're going to Home Depot and ask him to drive his Power Wheels into the garage so we can go. He asks if he has to go, too. Kb immediately says jokingly, "No. You don't have to go if you don't want to." Nathaniel took it seriously and automatically assumed that his daddy was staying home, so he took his time parking his little car while we all got into our car. As I'm getting in, I yell to him, "Hey, after you're done, close the garage doors ok? We'll be back soon." He says ok, and we drove off! Now, I didn't dare look at his reaction while we were driving off because I was laughing so hard, but as we got halfway down the driveway, I finally turned to look and I see him running out of the garage as fast as he can! He comes into the driveway, sees us, stops, and puts his hands on his waist and has this huge, nervous smile on his face. KB drives back up the driveway, and I ran out and gave him a hug and am laughing hysterically while reassuring him that it was just a joke and we would never leave him home alone. I know, we are mean MEAN parents sometimes. But our kids are tough. They can take a good practical joke.

So we get to Home Depot. Of course, Sym is in her race car buggie. We picked up a new grill and a few other things and came back home. Then KB stayed up til after 10:30 putting the darn thing together. You can bet where we'll be for dinner tonight - out on the deck enjoying our new grill. I'm tempted to try the pork belly recipe again to get some good pictures to share with you guys. I'm telling you - you have to try the recipe. It is so easy and SO GOOD. Ahh, I love Spring!!

"...walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us..." Ephesians 5:2

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