Friday, April 13, 2012

My Mommy Must Haves!

At a friend's baby shower a few weeks ago, the hosts decided to ask fellow moms to get things together and do a "Mommy's Favorite" for the new mom-to-be. I loved the idea! I figured I would do something similar on here, but have it be more personalized for me. I have an eight year old son who is one of the sweetest, most compassionate, thoughtful, and humble little boys I have ever met in my life, and an 18 month old daughter who is feisty, stubborn, opinionated, quick tempered, but the funnest, cuddliest, and most entertaining little girl I have yet to meet. Oh, did I mention that my kids are stinkin' adorable, too? They are.

So, I wanted to compile a short list of my favorites or "must have's" for me - a mommy of an 8 year old boy and 18 month old baby girl. The items are listed in no chronological order - I'm just writing them down as they come to me. Because that's how organized I am.

Huggies Slip Ons

These diapers are, to me, genius and a back saver. I remember having to struggle with Sym to get a diaper on her little bootie and breaking out in a good sweat by the time I was done. Ever since they came out with the Slip Ons, I have been using them faithfully. The only con I would mention about them is that they don't make a size 6 - the largest is a 5. The size 5 diapers will sometimes scoot to one side of her butt causing a wedgie. It's cute, but no good when she has very runny diarrhea and I'm counting on her diaper to catch every last drop of it. But I do love the ease of putting them on. It's even better now that she knows how to put them on like undies, one leg at a time.

Cupcake/Cake carrier

I LOVE my Progressive International Collapsable Cupcake and Cake Carrier! Whew, that's a really long name. I received it as a birthday gift from my mom this past March, and it is awesome. It's perfect for taking cupcakes to school for kids' birthdays, or to church parties, or pot luck dinners, or anywhere you please - there is always a good reason to have cake. It has definitely made my life easier when I'm trying to travel with 24 cupcakes AND a toddler. Actually, traveling with 24 cupcakes OR a cake OR a toddler is a feat in itself.

Children's Allergy Medication Pre-filled Single Use Spoons

My Nathaniel has awful allergic reactions to fire ant bites. He swells up and has red vein-like lines that spread out around the bite. It's pretty awful. Considering that we live in a state where fire ants outnumber us a bagillion to one, the odds of him getting bit and swelling up is very possible and definitely happens. I love these pre-filled spoons! I throw some in my purse and some in my diaper bag and we are good to go. Plus, you never know when someone else may need them, too. I was at a baby shower once, and a little boy got stung on his bottom lip by a bee. It swelled up immediately. I gave his mommy one of the spoons to give him. After taking it, the swelling slowly started to subside. I felt a little like a super hero. I kind of saved the day. A little.


I love Aquaphor. This is also something that I have in my purse, in my diaper bag, and at home. I used it on Nathaniel for his eczema and in his nostrils when he used to get frequent nosebleeds. I used it on Sym for her diaper rashes and eczema as well. I use it on myself for dry lips, dry hands, dry anything. Check out this list: 34 Great Uses for Aquaphor. It really is a great product!

My Phone

Ok. I know my phone isn't a product, but it truly is a must have for me. It keeps my kiddos busy and entertained when I'm too busy to be their entertainment. It's also my camera. I capture everything on my phone - pics and videos. I need it while I'm coupon shopping to calculate or look up things. I use it as my GPS because I have the WORSE sense of direction ever - I can't even remember where I park my car when I go shopping! I have my RSS feed linked up to my phone so I can keep up to date with all my favorite blogs. I have my Google calendar synced so I know what I'm doing before I have to do it. I am very dependent on my phone. Don't know where I would be without it!

I'm sure every mom's list of "Must Have's" is different. Please share with me some of your must have's for your kiddos!


  1. Hi - Savannah - by now you've probably realized I'm high-jacking your blog! lol.

    These are my favorite products to share:
    --The Magic Eraser (gets out ink and crayons on walls!)
    --Any cleaning spray with Bleach (it's probably stronger than we want for kids, but it gets out the pee smell in the bathrooms)
    --Pinxav daiper cream (works pretty well but I also rely on Aquaphor too)
    --Vent-Air baby bottles - really cuts the gas and spit up
    --Chewable Tylenol and all other chewable meds for kids - easy to take on planes and trips
    --Oilily diaper bags - cutest patterns and makes being a mom so much fun!
    --Bebe Bella Blankets - the best quality chenille blankets that wash well and are so soft and warm without being thick. - kid/baby oriented discount sale website; I spend too much on this site but the things I get make me happy for like two seconds.


    1. I don't know why I'm just seeing this now! Love your commenting, though. Keep them coming. And why isn't the Magic Eraser on my list?! :) I'm also a big fan of the Vent-Air bottles. I will have to look into your other suggestions! Thank you!