Friday, May 11, 2012

Our Wednesday's

Wednesday nights are guitar lesson nights for Nathaniel.  We just recently started up guitar again because he received an awesome, red, rock n roll, electric guitar from his Auntie Fujii this past Christmas.  Ever since watching "School of Rock," he has been inspired to become a rock star.  He even dressed up as one for Career Day to school last year.

I think Mr. George's (his new teacher) "super fast" guitar skills have been motivating him, because he has been all about practicing.  He actually wanted to practice before lessons, and when we got back home, he wanted to practice and play as soon as we got out of the car.  Um, where is my son and what have you done with him?!  His eagerness to practice makes me and daddy so very happy.
Wednesday nights are also our family prayer nights and Bible studies.  Since the weather was beautiful, we ended up having it outside.  This past one was very special.  I hope to be able to share details with all of you very soon.  Also, my daughter is the cutest when she sings "Who's the King of the Jungle."  I've got to get a video clip of that.

 Bruster's after guitar lessons.  If we have to sit in traffic going home, we might as well enjoy some ice cream doing it. 

  See, we didn't even get inside the house yet and he already pulled his guitar out.  Love it!

She wants to do everything her big brother does.

Random Update:  Our strawberries are sprouting!  We planted them over Spring Break and were scared they would not survive because of our luck with plants, but so far so good!  We ended up planting one for SymSym, too.  So far, we have only been able to enjoy one juicy, little strawberry from our plants.  I took a bite, and Nathaniel took a bite.  From what we've tasted, it seems promising!  

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