Monday, May 21, 2012

Photo Dump

Pictures from this past weekend:

We celebrated 11 years for this handsome little man.  He is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful boys I know.  He received lots of money as gifts and told everyone that he's going to save half of it all to give to Nathaniel for his birthday.  So sweet, I know.  I told him to spend it on himself because they were gifts for him.  But no wonder Jesus tells us to be more like children.  I don't know any adults, including myself, who would be willing to give half of all they owned to a friend.  God sure did use the birthday boy to teach me about being a true friend.

She still loves her bottle.  We're working on getting rid of it!

Her boo-boo from falling in the bath tub.  There wasn't any water or anything.  She was playing in it while I was washing my face in the morning.  She's just a clumsy girl.

Making funny faces on mommy.

Just me.

We finally watched Avengers in 3D.  It was awesome!  I wanted to stand up and cheer at so many moments in the movie.  It's a great "good guy beats bad guy" film!

ACC ladies' and children's table at Denny's.  We made a pit stop to grab an early dinner on our way home from True Life Alliance Church in Hickory, NC.  My pancakes with candied pecans topped with strawberries and whipped cream were SO good!  

Leadership team at Denny's.

Her first strawberry from her plant.  She ate it and said, "Ewwww!"  It was really sour.  How do we make our strawberries grow sweeter?

My little baby.  She stays still for the longest time wrapped up like this.  KB and I were laughing our heads off at her.  

My sweet little ones.  I love these two so much.  

We had a great, but exhausting, weekend.  Never have I received so much confirmation and encouragement from others regarding this particular stage in KB and my life.  The Lord is doing great things!

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