Thursday, May 17, 2012

Answered Prayers

My son.  I love him.

I learn so much from his gentle, patient, compassionate, and selfless, little soul.

He has been asking lots of intriguing questions post baptism.  Praise God!  It means that he's thinking, talking things through in his mind, and wanting to learn and grow in Jesus.
I have been praying for opportunities to have gospel centered conversations incorporated into our daily lives - not just on Wednesdays and Sundays.  I want it to be natural for us.  I want him to be comfortable approaching KB and me about anything.

Today in the car, he asked me if it's possible for someone to get baptized twice.  I asked him why would anyone have the need to get baptized twice?  And his reply was, "What if they forget?"  Such an innocent response.  I reassured him that he is never going to forget that day.  How he made the decision to show everyone that he loved Jesus and will follow after Jesus for the rest of his life.  How happy he felt afterwards.  How happy everyone else was for him.  And how all the angels and God himself was rejoicing in heaven with us.  With his trusting little heart, he confidently said, "Ok."

He then asked, "If someone doesn't get baptized but they believe in God and Jesus, will they not go to heaven?"  I know that KB talked to him about this prior to his baptism, but I guess he was asking again to really make sure.  I told him that baptism doesn't determine if you do or don't go to heaven.  I asked him what the only way to heaven is, and he reaffirmed that Jesus is the only way.  Baptism is something we need to do as Christians, but it does not determine where we will spend eternity.

God answered my prayers today.  Having these kind of conversations with my 8 year old son is indescribable.  God's hand is on him and doing work in him and I can see it!  I can see his little face and his little mind just thinking away and trying to make sense of it all for himself.  I can see him trying to figure out how it all applies to him.

Prayers for him as he continues to grow in his faith are very much appreciated.  And prayers for KB and I as we parent him and Sym and try our best to influence them for the glory of God would be greatly appreciated as well.  Thank you!

God bless you all with a beautiful and meaningful day!

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  1. Aw kids are so sweet and innocent! He is a smart boy!