Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Photo Dump

Just some pictures from this past week:

Walking the kitchen runway in my wedges.  She loved the noise it made on the tiles.

Enjoying some sun on the deck.

We played with water balloons and the mist feature on our hose.  

My pretty girl.

She loves - I mean LOVES - string cheese.  As soon as I pull one out of the fridge, her reaction is "Wow..."
Probably watching Yo Gabba Gabba or Full House. 

Field Day at school.

Look at this face.

Spanish Mackeral - fresh from the ocean.  Compliments to my awesome kayak fisherman. 

Fileting the sucker.

I'm pretty proud of myself.  This is the cleanest I've ever fileted a fish.  Practice makes perfect.

All trimmed and ready to go.

My sweet girl eating and watching me as I cleaned the "ish," as she calls them.

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