Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm back!

I have been MIA for a while now - a result of a packed schedule and little time to sit down and gather and organize my thoughts into blog worthy entries. 

What's been happening on our end of the world?  Lots!

The most exciting news of the latest happenings is that we have new neighbors!  We are so excited to have some of our family from KB's side moving close by to us in the near future.

My father in law came to visit last week because of this.  It took some time for Sym to adjust to having her Yawm Yawm here, but now that he's gone, she asks for him every single morning when she wakes up and almost every time we get back home from going anywhere.  It's so sweet. 

I also helped plan an adorable baby shower for a wonderful couple who are expecting a beautiful baby girl.  We went with a neutral theme because we needed to start planning before we knew the gender of the baby.  After the ultrasound, we threw in pops of pink to "girlify" the shower.
 Dessert Table
 Lamb picture I painted & awesome yarn balls made by the mom-to-be's sisters.
 Mason jars for pink lemonade & sweet tea
 Marshmallow fondant lamb I made & cream cheese filled strawberries
 Apple pie shooters
 The adorable cake custom made for the shower
 The spread!  The food was delicious!
These little things, bacon tomato cups, were soooo yummy!  I need to get the recipe.
We just got back from a long weekend in Panama.  It was a much needed mini getaway after all the business that we have had.  We spent the mornings on the beach, the early afternoons in the pool, and the evenings eating and relaxing with family and friends.  


I have been training for my very first 5K coming up this weekend.  Due to all the business this past week, I have not had any training time.  Keep me in your prayers as I push it this week and give it all I've got on Saturday morning!  

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer.  The weather is definitely getting hotter and the days longer!  

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