Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Best Mother's Day Gift Ever!

Warning:  Lots of pictures!

Mother's Day festivities started on Friday when my son got home from school.  He ran off the bus with a personally decorated cake from Publix for me.  I love my son.

And look, they even had coupons for this couponing mommy on the back of the card!

He wanted a piece right from the middle, so that's what we did. 

On Saturday, my mom, sister, myself, and my daughter all took pictures together.  Three generations of women in our family.  It was such a sweet and fun morning.  We did hair and make up together and had fun posing for the camera.

I love these pictures and will cherish them forever.  I think this needs to be an annual Mother's Day event from now on.  The next time we go see my in-laws in Rhode Island (which will be after my sweet niece arrives), we need to get some pictures, too.

A special thank you to my wonderful hubby (I know you're reading this) who took his time to edit these photos.  I'm so glad I have a photo editing/web designing/web coding/tech savvy husband.

I am truly blessed with the best mom and mother-in-law anyone could ever ask for.  It's funny how different they are, though.  My mom talks a little louder and is very tough and practical, and my mother-in-law is very soft spoken, sweet, and sentimental.  I love them both and am so blessed to have them in my lives.  Everything I know, I have learned from my moms.

In Friday's post, I mentioned our weekly prayer nights on Wednesdays and the fact that this past one was an incredibly special one.  My husband tries his best to read the Bible with Nathaniel every night before bed and pray with him.  They have been in the New Testament for a while now and have been learning about Jesus's life.  KB has been talking to Nathaniel about Jesus and who He is to him.

Thaniel accepted Jesus last year during VBS and prayed the prayer with his VBS teacher.  After doing that, we explained to him about baptism and asked if he wanted to get baptized.  He reluctantly said no.  We didn't want to push him into something if he didn't want to do it, so we let it go.

This past week, my husband approached Nathaniel again after all the talks they've had about Jesus, and asked if he wanted to get baptized.  Without hesitating, he said, "Yes, Daddy.  I want to be baptized."

As a Christian parent, those are some of the most beautiful words you will ever hear.  My son wants to proclaim to everyone that he loves Jesus and wants to follow Him!  I'm speechless.  It's just simply amazing.  Thank you, Lord, for calling my son to You.
Right before going outside to get baptized.
 Pastor Cawfayim and Daddy getting ready to baptize my boy.

Because of the weather, we had to baptize him at home in a tupperware.  Amazingly, it was the same tupperware that my Grandpa got baptized in when he was sick with cancer.  

 Born again in Jesus Christ!  

 Receiving his baptism certificate.
 Nathaniel's first communion.

So, on Mother's Day 2012, my son proclaimed to us, our family, our church, and our friends that he chooses to be a follower of Jesus Christ!

I don't think I will ever receive a Mother's Day gift that will top this one.

I hope all you mommies had a special Mother's Day, as well.  I know that you each deserve it!


  1. Hey Savannah, so I have a question. Is your family still attending New Hope? I haven't attended church in a long while and I guess you can say my husband and I are "shopping" around to see which church is best suitable for us. It's wonderful news to hear of your son's baptism. You and KB are such wonderful parents :)

    1. Hi Pang! It's good to hear from you. We are no longer attending Hmong New Hope. A small group of us have branched off and have planted a daughter church under New Hope called Alliance Community Church. We are a brand new church that is still in the developing stages. We have set a goal of opening up our doors to the community at the beginning of next year. We would love to have you guys join us once we are in full swing! :)

  2. I love my boy's cake. It's so decorative and colorful. =))